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There are many hats I wear. A Director with 10+ years experience in Data, AI and Business Consultancy. A Coach (ICF L1 2020) for big thinkers, career and sports professionals. The founder of social enterprise, She Flies Extreme Sports and finally, a passionate salt water addict and Kitesurfer proudly supported by F-One Kites UK and Vivida Lifestyle.

A successful career in the fast paced world of Technology has taught me a lot about feeling an 'imposter'. Not a coder, developer or technical expert, with every new buzzword came a knock in confidence, yet simultaneously succeeding, promoted, progressing. Truthfully, transitioning to leadership was the first time I believed my value.

Not dissimilar; personal development in Extreme Sports brought me joy but my determination fluttered with fear. I had to become an Instructor before I realised the elegant strength of women, journey of individuals and the misaligned broad brush definition of normal.

Fast forward to today, I am a big believer in finding the unique excellence in everyone. Leading in these different environments, I am exposed to powerful and inspirational individuals who rarely know their strengths - and that is a failure of society. When they start to believe in them, performance happens.

My experience and successes have given me a platform that I use to help others find that confidence earlier.

So thats me. The good bits, anyway.

As for you, if you're reading this and are about to leave without connecting, please change your mind.


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