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I always find it funny when you read the about me section and it talks in the third person.

We all know who's writing this. Here is my ABOUT me, FROM me.

I have a few hats. A Director of AI & IoT with 10 years experience in Tech Consultancy. I am a Performance Coach (ICF L1 2020) for big thinkers, career and sports professionals. I am the founder of a beautiful social enterprise, She Flies Extreme Sports and last but by no means least, I'm a passionate Kitesurfer proudly supported by F-One Kites UK and Vivida Lifestyle.

Whilst some of these worlds are miles apart, my role in all is in sync. I am a compassionate leader and a big believer in finding the excellence in everyone. I know, it sounds a bit fluffy... But working in these unique environments, I am exposed to unique, powerful and inspirational individuals who don't know their strengths. When they get to work them out, it's magic and it makes my heart sing.

I have spent a long time thinking about what my purpose is and I'm pleased to say, it's becoming clear. I want to make a difference to peoples confidence. I want to build people up - especially the ones who need it the most.

My mission: "To unlock the bold and courageous"

Leaning on my years of experience, I am a professional speaker, facilitator and moderator at events and conferences. My style is intimate with passion and energy. I cut through the fluff and create trust and connection that leads to openness and honesty, it's the right way to enable change.

Oh, and I am obsessed with any sport that involves salt water, a board and that makes the hair on your neck stand up.

So that's me.

As for you, if you're reading this and are about to leave without connecting, please change your mind. I will always welcome your message with as much warmth in the picture of me and my competitor below.

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