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​You come to me with a goal. You may not have a well formed and articulated goal, in fact most of my clients goals change as we explore what they really need. Every goal counts. Perhaps for you it's more of a feeling, or an emotion that keeps cropping up in many areas of your world. Maybe something isn't quite right at work; or you've got a big thing coming up and you're not quite ready; perhaps there's been a dip in your confidence and you want it back.

The first step is for us to unpick whatever that is. Flesh out the goal. Get down and dirty into the what's and why's. That normally uncovers some pretty juicy things.

We meet for 60 minutes at a time, for 6 sessions. These could be weekly (Laser Coaching) or monthly (Executive Coaching), depending on the type of goal - we'll talk about this.

My method takes you through a combination of powerful techniques, using an intimate approach, to raise your personal potential and reduce any of those naughty interferences. There is no 'fluff' in my sessions, my training has taught me the value of coaching if done right and the failure if done wrong, with that in mind, I build a trusted and open relationship between us - depending entirely on your style and need, not mine - it's the only way to enable accurate self reflection and comfortable challenge.​

After each session you'll have some actions. Some things to think about or put in place, and we'll check in on those the next time we meet. You will leave our sessions with a new found understanding of who you are and techniques personal to you, to access your goals now and long into the future.

Performance coaching is something I really believe in, it's a beautiful source of clarity in this fuzzy world we all live in.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute taster call.

COST | £105 per 60 minute session, or £600 for a course of 6.

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