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1-2-1 in person or online.


Your intrinsic & extrinsic motivations


Unpick any limiting beliefs


Identify, articulate and access goals

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How does it work?

Each journey is different but we follow a similar structure


We identify goals

You come to me with a goal. Unlikely to be well formed and articulated - like most of my clients - we first explore what is important to you; career, life or other.


Perhaps for you it's more of a feeling or emotion that keeps cropping up in parts of your world.

The first step is for us to unpick that. And in doing so, we flesh out the goal.


We meet for 1 hour sessions

Over 6 weeks or 6 months - depending on the goal.

I guide you to talk as I listen, question, unpick with the aim to raise your potential and reduce unwanted interferences. I avoid fluffy-ness and floaty-ness. My training has taught me the value of coaching if done right and the failure if done wrong, so I build our relationship - depending entirely on your style and need, not mine - to access accurate self reflection and comfortable challenge.​


We understand you, uniquely

Our first session is different to the rest. We go through a fast paced exploration of who you are.

Values, beliefs, limiting beliefs and power sources. You will come away with a list of words that we will use as our relationship develops.

This list will remain true to you for many years to come.


We test & create change

After each session you'll have actions. Things to think about or put in place, and we'll check in on those the next time we meet.

You will leave our sessions with a new found understanding of who you are and techniques personal to you, to access your goals now and long into the future.

Performance coaching is something I really believe in, a beautiful source of clarity in an overwhelming world.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute taster call.

COST | £105 per 60 minute session, or £600 for a course of 6.

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